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    Coordination and research
    Arrangement of TV crews
    Media research and copyright negotiations
    Service for Japanese in Europe
    Interpreting and translation for business and media
    Contact network management
    Business attendance and arrangements

Location Management

Our team has a decade-long experience in location management especially for TV crews from Japan.

Coordination & Research

Have a look at the project list and you will find out about the subject and formats we can help with research and coordination. We also have quite long experience as production coordinator and floor manager.

Language assistance

Finding the right words for your communication: Makasete offers language services such as translation and interpreting.

  • AIMS
  • Amuse TV
  • CR Nexus
  • Denso
  • KBC
  • Kids
  • Nagoya TV


Our team has a decade-long experience in location management especially for TV crews from Japan.


Get an overview of our recently finished projects.

February 2019


BS1スペシャル「独裁者ヒトラー 演説の魔力」

BS1 Special „Dictator Hitler - The magical Power of his Speeches“

November 2018


8Kでよみがえる究極の映像体験! „2011年宇宙の旅“ まもなく放送

Bringing back the Ultimate Film Experience in 8K! Coming Broadcasting of „2001: A Space Odyssey“

July 2018


アスリートの魂 「勝つために生まれ変われ〜卓球 水谷隼〜」

Spirits of the Athletes „Renewing himself in order to win - Table tennis player Jun Mizutani“



ETV Special „I wanted to give birth - Under the old Eugenic Protection Law -„


コズミック フロントNext「Cosmic Song 〜宇宙に響く不思議な歌〜

Comic Front Next „Cosmic Song - Mysterious Music Sounding through Space“

June 2018


NHKスペシャル 大江戸第2集 驚異の成長!あきんどが花開かせた“商都“

NHK Special Roots of Tokyo Part 2: Amazing growth! Blooming City of Trade

April 2018


NHKスペシャル ゴースト血管が危ない

NHK Special Dangerous Ghost Blood Vessels


NHKスペシャル大江戸第1集 世界最大!サムライが築いた“水の都“

NHK Special, Roots of Tokyo Part 1: The World's largest - City of Water built by the Samurai

March 2018


洋上風力最前線”普及のカギ 2 parts

The key to Offshore Windpower in Japan



Sports Innovation - In the Forefront of Developments Overseas

Bettina Post-Kobayashi

Bettina Post-Kobayashi

Degree in Japanese Studies, Sociology, German Philology, English Language and Literature in Marburg, Bonn and Tokyo. Researcher at the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo, interpreter for Japanese companies, intercultural consulting.
Besides interpreting and media work Bettina is teaching Japanese to German Conference Interpreting at the Institute of Translating and Interpreting, Heidelberg University.

Main Tasks: Interpreting, research/translation, coordination, project management

Kathrin Hysky

Kathrin Hysky

Degree in Japanese studies, sociology and economics in Bonn and Tokyo. Editorial assistant and coordinator at TV Asahi German News Office, Bonn. Coordinator for Japanese TV productions since 1986.

Main tasks: Coordination, research, realization of CM-spots, conception/realisation of projects, realization of live television programs.

Martina Ramigé

Martina Ramigé

Degree in Japanese, Korean Language and Economics in Bonn and Tokyo.
Editorial assistant and coordinator at Fuji-TV German News Office, Bonn, author, editor and producer for German TV, UNESCO and Japanese TV since 1986.
Besides media work Martina also supervises EU projects for Japanese companies, for example the recording of Car Navigation systems.

Main tasks: Coordination (in- and outside Germany), Research, conception/realization of projects, realization of Live-Programs.

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